Who should(n’t) you get a couples massage with?

OK. This article may seem like it doesn’t even need to be written. But I’ll write it anyway.

In-home massage is a less-known option when it concerns massage therapy. But some of the best things in life are fairly well hidden, so I am helping you out and letting you know this is one of them. There was a time I used to get massages when it was way more costly for an in-home session, but times have changed. Local places have raised their rates, and because of the glut of companies now offering on-demand massage, the market has adapted.

Out of all your choices, the best is probably in-home couples massage. There is often a discount for two people, and so if you get a 90 or even 120 minute session, the savings really add up. Now couples massage is great. But being next to someone you don’t feel so comfortable with just defeats the purpose.

So here are some ideas of who NOT to have a couples massage with.

OK, first would be your ex. While your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend may still be your friend, don’t start getting undressed in front of them. It may just give them the wrong idea. And, that’s never a good thing.

Second bad choice: Your new boyfriend. Or girlfriend. Why? Who feels comfortable disrobing next to someone you just met? Definitely not the best plan.

Gossips by Ekan by CC

Another poor choice: A couples massage with a frenemy. For those who don’t know, a frenemy is a person who seems to be a friend, but more often acts like an enemy. You should be avoiding these people, anyway. Trying to relax next to someone who secretly hates you is an unnecessary challenge.

How about this one? A gossip. Girls, we all know the type. The one at the office who is always talking in those weird tones of voice, always telling Jack that Joe is a poor worker, telling Joe that Jack is a bad dude. Don’t get couples massages with someone who may report back to the office, or your clique, that you have a mole on your leg, or that you gained weight around your thighs. In fact, don’t hang out with these types at all! It’s enough to have to see them at work or among common acquaintances and friends.

That’s it for now. If you can think of anyone else, please leave your ideas in the comments section below. A massage is supposed to be fun and relaxing. You don’t need to create more stress for yourself when you’re ostensibly relaxing. Spend your time alone, rather than with a disagreeable person.

Healing can take place on so many levels during a massage. Some people even sob uncontrollably, just because it releases pent up emotions. Who would want a mean gossip whispering about this behind their back? For one, I know for sure not I. So, before you book your in-home massage, think carefully about the person you’re planning to do this with. It could spell the difference between a session that restores you and one that drains.

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